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domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

El proyecto DYNAMUS va a asistir a la conferencia de ISA en San Diego (EEUU)

Este año el proyecto DYNAMUS participa en la conferencia anual de ISA en San Diego (California, EEUU, 1-4 de abril). Martijn Vlaskamp va a presentar un paper con el título "‘One Voice’, Few Influence? The European Union in Global Institutions" (co-autores: Esther Barbé y Benjamin Kienzle).

Resumen (en inglés):
From the early days of the European integration process to the Lisbon Treaty, a key rationale behind an “ever closer Union” in the area of foreign policy has been the belief that the European Union (EU) will be inevitably a more influential actor in global institutions if it speaks with a ‘single voice.’ This paper challenges this traditional assumption and argues that under certain circumstances the EU’s ‘single voice’ leads to less influence. Based on a conceptual framework developed within the DYNAMUS project (Dynamics of the Multilateral System), the paper will explore in particular three relevant processes: (a) the decreasing efficiency and flexibility of the EU itself; (b) the rejection of the EU as neo-colonial bloc by other actors in the international system; and (c) the inability of the EU’s ‘single voice’ to compensate negative changes in the international power structure after the Cold War. Each process will be underpinned by a case study from a prominent field of global governance: the roles of the EU in the UN Human Rights Council, in the Kimberley Process to ban the trade of “conflict diamonds”, and in the processes to ban cluster munitions.

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

CfP: Proyecto de libro

Book Project: CFP

The EU: A Global Power in the making? Europe’s present and future role in a changing world.

Edited by Astrid B. Boening, Jan-Frederik Kremer and Aukje van Loon

Lead Institutions: Center for Global Studies Bonn (CGS) and Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence (EUCE)

Nowadays there is an ongoing debate about a possible power shift from traditional industrial countries to emerging powers, as well as an intense debate about the future role of the U.S. in world politics and global order. Various volumes, journal articles and monographs have tried to develop sophisticated answers towards these debates. But, when it comes to debating the present and future role of the EU in international relations, we are facing a cloudy spot of research, especially when it concerns the question whether or not the EU can be seen as a recent or future global power. Surely, remarkable work has been undertaken addressing the frameworks, institutions, processes and activities of the EU in regard to her external relations, but a comprehensive volume addressing the question if the EU will be able to become a major global power is still missing. This project is designed to fill this gap and to provide latest research on the topic for academia and the public. Guided by the question “Is the EU a global power in the making?” the volume aims at bringing together researchers to deliver their insights on the mentioned question in five parts. It is also planned to bring together the authors and other researchers in a workshop that is projected to take place in Miami, FL, US, to pool the knowledge of the authors and to exchange views regarding the topic on a personal level.
Part I entitled “Institutions and Processes of the EU´s external relations” invites contributions dealing with the institutional, legal and political framework of the EU´s external relations. Contributions should give profound insight into the institutions and actors involved in EU´s external policy policy-making (with a special emphasis on post-Lisbon developments) and their impact on the EU´s positions in global order, as well as into the legal framework of Europe´s foreign activities and how they might affect Europe´s positioning in the world. Generally this part is designed to deliver an overview about the foundations and basics on Europe´s foreign policy, policy-making and how the EU can be understood as international actor on a general level.
In the second part “The EU: A Global Power: Theoretical Approaches for measuring the EU´s power in todays world” contributions will present theoretical approaches towards measuring the influence and power of the EU as international actor. In this regard we strongly invite theoretical papers doing research on the nature of the EU´s power in contemporary IR, as well as papers on the nature of power in IR in general, which seem to be suitable for increasing knowledge on Europe´s power.
Part III “The EU: A Global Power: Policies, Actions, Activities and Influence of the EU´s external actions” is set up to bring together contributions that are designed to highlight EU´s external policies, actions and activities in regard to the exercise of power/influence on a global level in specific bilateral, regional and multilateral relations and institutions (p.e. ASEAN, MERCORSUR, NAFTA, ACP, UN, FTAs, EPAs etc.), specific policies (environmental, trade, security ect.) and /or by the use of specific means (military, economical, diplomatical ect.).
Finally part IV entitled “Résumé and Conclusion” will wrap up the results of the presented articles and will try to give a more general answer to the question “Is the EU a global power in the making?” based on the insights and findings of the contributions of the volume. This part of the book will also heavily rely on the findings of the intended workshop.
The final edited volume is expected to be published by Springer Publishing as part of the series on “Global Power Shift” (series editor Xuewu Gu; member of the advisory board amongst others John G. Ikenberry, Princeton University, USA). Further information about the series can be found at: http://www.springer.com/series/10201
If you believe that you might be able to help the project to answer one or several questions addressed in the parts I to III, we strongly invite you to participate in the project. Please feel free to send us abstracts (up to 500 words) as well as complete papers. The deadline for submitting abstracts is the 28th of February 2012. When submitting an abstract the editorial team will inform you within 10 days if we would like you to submit a paper based on your abstract for the final review process (“does the abstract match with one of the topics of the book”…).

The final deadline for contributions will be the 15th of May 2012. Final contributions should not exceed the amount of 11,000 words. An external board will review the submitted papers in May 2012. The workshop is intended to take place in Summer/Autumn 2012.

Please send your abstract/contribution to: ASTRIDBOENING1@aol.com,
jkremer@uni-bonn.de and aukje.vanloon@rub.de

See also our webpage: http://www.cgs-bonn.de/home.php?sid=10&lid=1&usid=1005

miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

Invitación de Casa Asia: "Chinese Views of the EU", Barcelona, 13 de enero

Desde Casa Asia nos complace invitarle a participar en el seminario Chinese Views of the EU: Disaggregating Chinese Perceptions of the EU and the Implications for the EU’s China Policy, que tendrá lugar el viernes 13 de enero de 2012 de 10:00 a 14:00 en la sede de Casa Asia (Barcelona). El seminario, a cargo de expertos en la materia, contará con servicio de traducción simultánea.

El seminario, organizado por la Universidad de Nottingham y con el patrocinio de la UE, requiere inscripción previa por lo que le rogamos confirme su asistencia en yparicio@casaasia.es.

No dude en hacer extensiva la invitación entre sus contactos de Institut Barcelona d´Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), especialmente entre su alumnado si es el caso, susceptibles de estar interesados. Puede consultar el programa aquí: http://www.casaasia.es/media/asset_publics/resources/000/021/298/original/Visi_n_china_de_la_UE.pdf o en http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/cpi/research/funded-projects/chinese-eu/events.aspx

El proyecto MERCURY publica su último boletín de noticias

Dear all,

This is the last MERCURY Newsletter – but MERCURY is not over!

This issue includes a report from the Global Europe conference organized by MERCURY, EU-GRASP and EU-4Seas in Brussels on 7 October.

You will also find abstracts of our latest eight E-Papers, dealing with the following subjects: China and climate change; The EU and the Middle East Quartet; the EU economic partnership agreements in Africa; the East Asia Summit and the Trans-Pacific Partnership; the EU’s engagement in China in building a multilateral climate change regime; the EU and reform of the UN; the EU’s engagement in conflict resolution in the neighbourhood; and fiscal multilateralism in times of the great recession – and there are more in the pipeline!

Read also about our new publications! MERCURY findings will be published in a Routledge book in 2012 and will also be available in Portuguese and Chinese. We have another conference, to take place in South Africa in April, and we hope to sustain our results on a new webpage, in new projects and – not least – through the young people that we have engaged in MERCURY.

The Newsletter can be found through this link: http://mercury-fp7.net/fileadmin/user_upload/Newsletter_issue6r_December2011.pdf

It can also be accessed via our website http://mercury-fp7.net/

Wishing you a great holiday season!

Gunilla Herolf, Theresa Höghammar and Rebecka Shirazi

The MERCURY Newsletter team